Service Charge and Ground Rent arrears

Expertise can make the difference

It’s that time of year when it becomes clear which leaseholders have made payment and which ones will need more chasing.

When considering who to outsource your debtors list to – we think expertise is important. We will ensure;

• VERIFIED DATA – The first thing that we will do is to review the information provided and check that it is correct. Ie are the demands in the right format? Do they need to be re-served? Are the leaseholders details correct according to information stored at the Land Registry? Are the leaseholder’s whereabouts known? If unsure, a trace can be carried out. All of this pre-claim work will be taken off your desks and carried out on your behalf.

• FAST COLLECTION – We have a laser focus on arrears collection and deal with these matters daily. We are well trained and experienced legal advisors, and we are authorised to make decisions. This is invaluable and will settle a case in far less time than a case handler who is not. We will also send out settlement to you within 24 hours of receipt.

• LESS EXPENSE FOR ALL – Arrears increase over time if not collected quickly and so will legal fees if more and more (potentially unnecessary) work is undertaken. We will avoid excessive additional costs for the leaseholder by concluding the case quickly and correctly. In addition, we will never send you a legal bill on undefended matters– even on aborted cases.

• RESOLVED ISSUES – A crucial aspect of our expertise is being able to spot the correct issues to concentrate on. Often there is voluminous correspondence to deal with in a disputed arrears case or lengthy telephone calls are received. We are able to cut through the rhetoric and get to the crux of the case quickly and amenably to expedite payment.

• PROTECTED REPUTATIONS – We are building our business and understand how important it is to protect our clients reputations and build relationships between all parties. Our cases are handled with care. A badly handled arrears case can lead to untold consequences Relationships can be soured very easily in the wrong hands and there is potential to undo months of hard work that you have put in to nurturing a relationship with a landlord or maintaining a development.

At LMP Law we have vast combined experience. We maintain an ever changing knowledge of legislation and issues relevant within the industry and we have access to the latest tools and technologies.

It is easy to instruct us and we can have your cases up and running on the same day that you make contact with us.

We’ve had a fantastic first 6 months in business and now we’re pushing on for 2016. (This article is specifically about arrears collection but we are able to help with a lot more – check out our website for more information – )

We would love to hear from you.

Laura Severn - About Author

Laura Severn - About Author

Laura has worked within the property management industry for quite a few years now and loves seeing it develop and grow. Over the years she has developed and managed arrears collection teams for service charge and ground rent arrears, and advised on many property management issues and service charge dispute cases. Laura's email address is

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