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Leaders in Property Management and Property Law:
Our Expertise in Law Matters

Welcome to LMP Law, where the serious business of law meets a touch of personality. We’re not your typical law firm – we’re a team of dedicated legal professionals who believe in bringing a human touch to arrears recovery and property litigation. 

With us, you’ll experience a refreshing blend of professionalism and approachability. We take the time to listen, understand your needs, and guide you through the legal maze with compassion and expertise — Peter Cornell

about us

Having over 20 years combined experience in the Property Management Industry and Property Law, we, Laura Severn and Peter Cornell launched LMP Law.


We feel that our passion for property law  and the property management industry sets us apart in providing market leading expertise and a partnership approach to all our clients’ needs.

We genuinely enjoy helping our clients navigate through the varied circumstances that they face where legal and commercial advice is required.

Being directly involved in a growing legal market with emerging case law in property law and property management is exciting to us and with our clients’ help, there is a real opportunity to shape the legal and commercial framework of the industry.

property management, property law, professional lawyers, property lawyers, specialist solicitors, property disputes, legal executives and solicitors

We’ve been around the block…

With all of our combined legal experience, it’s safe to say we’ve parlayed with every aspect of property law. Our specialist solicitors have guided clients through all manner of trials and tribulations, always with the compassion and diligence that, we believe, is required for true legal excellence. 

Our areas of expertise include:

property management, property law, professional lawyers, property lawyers, specialist solicitors, property disputes, legal executives and solicitors


We are specialist lawyers with a keen focus on the property management industry. We have over 20 years combined experience in property law including:

property management, property law, professional lawyers, property lawyers, specialist solicitors, property disputes, legal executives and solicitors
property management, property law, professional lawyers, property lawyers, specialist solicitors, property disputes, legal executives and solicitors


Revolution Property Management

“ So as I wrap up my MD role at Revolution I wanted to put a few posts on here for a number of people I’ve found to be exceptional, Peter being one of these. Peter has the ability to grasp the law and explain it perfectly. He will listen patiently (believe me his listened on numerous occasions) and then match his response to the actual question asked. He has been a great assistance to me and Revolution and I have never had any regrets in using LMP law for all our legal issues. It’s hard to find solicitors who actually understand leasehold law and are not part of some bigger faceless organisation. I can’t recommend Peter Cornell or LMP law enough, if you’re in property management give these guys a call to help you legally. You won’t be disappointed. “

Meet the team

Introducing our wonderful team, each with their own talents, specialties and quirks, but who are all united by a singular purpose: to deliver our clients the best service possible. 

Laura severn


Laura is a Founding Owner and Director of Business Development. Full of energy and optimism, Laura certainly knows her way around a legal document, but these days focuses more on the more human aspect of running a law firm. She champions staff, clients, dogs, and Nottingham Forest alike with limitless passion.
Peter cornell


Founding Owner and Director of legal services, Peter is an accomplished solicitor and head of everything legal that we do. Frankly, his knowledge is insurmountable (but don’t tell him we said that). He loves climbing mountains (both literal and legal), is a loving father, and is a huge Nottingham Forest fan.

Amy Ramadam
Operations Manager

Amy is LMP’s Operations Manager, and between you and me, she’s the real boss. If you need something doing, ask Amy. She has two children, likes to keep fit, and is extremely organised - in her own words, “borderline OCD!”. We’re lucky to have her.

Mal Adair

Mal is Peter Cornell’s new assistant, and Peter is already wondering how he ever managed without her. Mal is super friendly, extremely helpful and refreshingly down to earth.

James Wren
Head of the Service Charge team

James is Head of the Service Charge team, and he likes collecting magnets. Need we say anymore? Alright - he is extremely experienced and another very organised person. He’s also a Man Utd fan, but we ask you don’t hold that against him.

Numa Khanom

A punctilious Paralegal, Numa is fairly new to LMP but had worked for a Property Management company previously, and as such, brings invaluable experience to the role. She’s newly married and would like to qualify as a solicitor - she’s definitely not far off!

Cerys Williams

Cerys’ skills as a Paralegal are matched only by her fashion sense - which is simply divine! She’s super easy going, a great gel for the team, and a brilliant solicitor in the making!

Jay Taylor

Jay runs marathons like it’s no big deal, which makes the rest of us feel very lazy. Nonetheless, we keep him around because he’s an excellent Paralegal, a lovely guy, and most importantly, a Forest fan.

Bharath Sharma

Bharath is a home-grown, target-smashing talent who will soon qualify as a solicitor. When he’s not winning the hearts of clients and litigating like a boss, he’s out there selling expensive trainers and collecting clothing badges and generally being cool as a damn cucumber!

Chantelle Mangia

A solicitor in the litigation team, Chantelle was recently anointed Head of Social Activities - a huge deal here at LMP. Aside from that, she’s a hell of a litigator, and is also a skilled artist whose work brightens up our office!

Fateha Akhter

Fateha is a new Solicitor in our non-contentious team, and has truly hit the ground running. This is partly due to her experience and skill as a conveyancer - but mostly, it’s because she is a very positive, lovely person who is a delight to work with!


We act directly for investors, developers, freeholders, managing agents, residential management companies, property managers, and leaseholders.

Laura severn


I have worked within the property management industry for quite a few years now and loved seeing it develop and grow.
Peter cornell


My career has been centred around Service Charge and Ground Rent Recovery. Arrears collection remains to be my core focus.

our team

Our team of specialist property lawyers have years of experience in property law, property management, and dealing with property disputes. Our Director Peter heads up the growing team of 10 specialists – which include Paralegals, Trainee Solicitors, Legal Executives and Solicitors.

Our lawyers have experience in dealing in all aspects of property law and property management. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring our knowledge stays up to date, in order to give you the best service possible. They have between 1 and 10 years of experience in the area. We always make sure that junior solicitors and members of staff are supported and supervised appropriately so that the quality of advice is not affected, regardless of who is working on your case.

Our paralegals who do much of the day to day work on property law and property management cases all have the minimum of a law degrees and have received extensive training within our firm and work under the direct supervision of one of our Directors.