CPD Sessions

A new era of interactive CPD awaits


We are aware that property managers have a difficult role to play, we understand the many responsibilities placed on the property manager which is why we are changing the landscape for these busy individuals so we can provide them with further support.


Our interactive workshops educate property managers on how to deal with cases more efficiently.

How do our sessions work?

  • We offer live consultations for our clients in the industry, these consultations were created to provide property managers with on the spot solutions to their issues or concerns regarding a certain case.
  • Our Q&A style workshop has helped to nullify worries or lack of understanding in certain scenarios, it has also helped us to foresee problems before they arise meaning that we are on hand to analyse situations before problems arise and provide advice and guidelines to ensure property law is made easier.
  • We aim to solve these problems in a social face to face environment where we can talk through live examples of problems which property managers have faced and the solutions that have helped to reverse these issues.

Where do we hold it?

  • We perform this in your office or in our designated establishments across London, Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol.

How do I enquire about this?

  • You can contact Laura here who will send you a list of CPD Workshops that we perform for property managers across the UK.