Property Disputes and Mental Health

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The times have been extremely difficult and unpredictable, with no one knowing what’s going to happen each day to the next, and this can cause severe mental health issues and struggles that no one could have predicted.

LMP Law is a small firm of solicitors that gets the stresses of strains of anyone working in property management, construction and development, whilst understanding the pressures on residents at the same time. We are experts at dispute resolution, as well as leasehold law. Often the biggest cause of a dispute is breakdown of communication and when people are battling with extra pressures, such as a global pandemic, then it’s time to talk.


Leaseholders’ mental health as well as that of the property manager looking after the block of flats  through Covid 19 has taken a huge hit, with people not being able to pay their mortgages, service charges, or from the PM’s perspective, not being able to look after blocks of residential flats, extra work loads, and catering to the needs of residents of flats who are struggling with their own issues. All of this has a knock-on effect to others’ mental health and with disputes arising all the time, the mental health impact that Covid has had isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Mental Health can be a scary thing to deal with on your own and the pandemic has only made things worse. We understand that things are really tough at the moment, with no clear vision into how the future will look. If you are a Leaseholder or a property manager then we want to offer you help and support with your mental health and disputes that arise.


Many of us are facing daily challenges that we never expected to happen due to Covid 19. It’s had a huge impact on work, money, and relationships which overall leaves behind a tough situation where we might be unable to pay our mortgage or service charges. Finance, jobs, security, and housing have all changed and of course these factors can affect your mental health because everything seems to be moving so fast. 

Although we are progressing to the next stages of the pandemic, leaseholders are still being left with a mess to clean up and a lot of these issues you are facing may seem unsolvable. Keeping up with service charge payments or mortgages can seem like the most stressful thing in the world, even on the best of days it’s a difficult thing to think about and this has only been heightened because of Covid. A typical lease will specify a late payment interest rate that can add a lot more stress to your plate, which is usually around 4% above base rate. 

Because this pandemic has affected everyone, some landlords may be understanding as to why you can’t pay your service charges or mortgage, but this can depend on who it is and what your reason is for not being able to pay. Money is one of the top reasons people’s mental health deteriorates so if you are struggling there are some ways in which you can ask your landlord to change your payment plan which could help you out a lot. Communication is key.

If you are struggling with your mental health then it’s so  important to remember that you are not alone! Everyone has been affected differently by Covid 19 and it may feel like people are getting on easier with life than you are, but you are not alone in your struggles! It is important to reach out to someone if you are feeling in a bad way, and there is no shame in this! There are more people than you know that struggle with this, and you can discover a solution to your problems with a little help 


Property Managers are so stressed at the moment, and it’s pretty obvious why! Litigation and disputes arise all of the time with people not able to pay their service charges, and property managers get mixed in with all of the chaos. 

The pandemic has changed the way that everyone has lived, and with furlough, loss of jobs, and extra work loads, the pressures are higher than ever on property managers! Residents who own their flats are all struggling too, and this has a huge knock-on effect to a property managers.  The pressure can get too much sometimes, and it can feel like you need to slow down but the world is moving at a fast pace all around. There are ways in which the pressure can be relieved for you, none of this is your fault and you should be able to save your mental health without slacking on your to do list. We can help you collect the service charge or look after any disputes that arise, as well as trying to get back the money that is owed to you. 

When disputes arise, it can feel like you are being torn into two different directions, you want to offer help and support, but you also need your money and your job too. It puts you in a tricky position which can impact your mental health more than you know. Let us do the hard part and sort out the dispute for you. You shouldn’t have to go through that on your own. If you are the head of the Property Management Business, you might feel isolated and stressed whilst your employees are on furlough, but know that your arrears department are trying their best to deal with unusual circumstances. Talk to your teams – be transparent and see how you can all help each other out.

You don’t have to go through this alone, we are here to help whatever your concerns are! 


Remember to look after yourself and reach out for help and support when you feel you need it. There are so many services out there that can help you in different ways, and you are sure to find something that works for you! 

Get in touch with us today if you want any help with collecting service chargers, looking after disputes or trying to get money that is owed to you.  We are great mediators and listeners, it doesn’t have to be aggressive. We will do the best that we can and hopefully take some of the pressure off you so that you can take a breath without being bombarded with work stress, as well as your own personal life.

If you want some further support then these places offer some really great support!

Whatever you decide to do, do what is best for you and your mental health. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you are struggling. 

Please stop and take a breather and always communicate how you are feeling, with your colleagues, your boss, your family, friends or me and the team here! We really can take away the stress for you.


Laura Severn - About Author

Laura Severn - About Author

Laura has worked within the property management industry for quite a few years now and loves seeing it develop and grow. Over the years she has developed and managed arrears collection teams for service charge and ground rent arrears, and advised on many property management issues and service charge dispute cases. Laura's email address is

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